We help photographers bring their work into the world, and museums bring their collections into the future.

Who We Are

Brooklyn PrintWorks is a custom imaging and fine art printing studio. Our clients are photographers, artists, museums, and lovers of photography who value our depth of knowledge, investigative approach, and passion for the medium.

We bring our love for the art of printing to every project we do, and are tireless in the pursuit of the perfect print.

What We Do

Whether we are digitizing a museum collection or making prints for exhibition, we believe that high-quality work comes from creative collaboration with our clients. We are committed to sharing our experience—and gaining fresh perspectives—by nurturing new talent.

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Scan Quality

Today’s modern sensors in high end cameras offer a part of a potentially powerful scanning solution. They have high dynamic range needed to do justice to a Kodachrome’s density range and the resolution to image the fine details. Using the highest resolution sensors you can meet many of today’s applications, but the camera has to be matched with an appropriate …

Paper Guide

Papers continue to evolve for pigment ink printing. New developments provide greater image quality, durability, and character. This can be a problem if an artist wants to create the same print several years after an original edition was printed. We can help an artist create as close a match as possible, but as printers, we are compelled to support improvements …

Call us to talk about a free test on one of our favorite papers. We test and test and test so that we can help you choose the paper that works best for your image.

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