Mass Film Cleaning

Rewashing moldy/dirty film can dramatically affect the quality of digital scanning. First, the film is digitized, and the current conditions are documented to create a record of the item before cleaning. Second, we evaluate the film to confirm it is safe for this cleaning method. High-value, unidentifiable films or older materials will not be washed … Read more

Adobe Lightroom Classic Tips for Printing Large

Lightroom Classic (LR) is an excellent tool for editing photos. But Lightroom does not know if you intend to publish your images to digital platforms or make a large exhibit print for display in real life. With every Lightroom Classic update, the need for Photoshop edits decreases, and many of you can prepare your files … Read more


Printing, training, and materials for artist/photographer to make digital prints, $3,125 value. Brooklyn PrintWorks is now accepting entries for our first Spring 2021 digital printing grant. This is a materials, machine time, and digital print training grant with a value of $3,125 in digital printing and half day of training by experienced digital printers.  Grants will … Read more


Pigment Ink Prints This is the finest form of digital printing available today. It provides superb color rendition, 100-plus year print permanence and can be used on a wide choice of papers. Pigment Ink Prints are very versatile and can produce images that are hard with strong contrast, soft and velvety, or can manifest a … Read more

Scan Quality

Today’s modern sensors in high-end cameras offer a part of a powerful scanning solution. They have a high dynamic range needed to do justice to a Kodachrome’s density range and the resolution to image the fine details. Using the highest resolution sensors you can meet many of today’s applications, but the camera has to be … Read more

Paper Guide

Papers continue to evolve for pigment ink printing. New developments provide greater image quality, durability, and character. This can be a problem if an artist wants to create the same print several years after printing the original edition. We can help an artist make as close a match as possible, but as printers, we are … Read more

Smooth Matte Papers

Great for letting the image stand on its own. Found in a variety of brightness from natural to bright. We have favorites for the best range of tones and shadow detail. Generally we eliminate papers that we test and determine that their technical performance is not as good as other papers with similar characteristics. HFA … Read more